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Kid Geo Photog Girl Tee

The kid geo photog pack is in name of the next generation. A big part of the solution is teaching the next generation and telling stories through photography and videography to help raise awareness for the plight of wildlife around the world. The kid geo photog tee is aimed at kids who love wildlife and want to show the world how beautiful wildlife is. 100% of the proceeds will go towards a small school in Bengkulu for underprivileged kids who don’t have the opportunity to get the education they need. Apart from the learning the basic needs, kids will also be taught English and there will be photography field trips to teach kids how to show off this beautiful world we live through photography story telling. Some proceeds will also go towards the Berdiri freelance crowd funding project.

The Our Urth tees are available in extra large, large, medium and small. If you are ordering from outside of Indonesia and normally order a large in your country then order one size up as the sizes in Indonesia are generally smaller than the western sizes of Australia and America.

Tees are available in black or white variations.

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