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Christmas Specials for Tees

USE COUPON CODE "CHRISTMASDEAL" 33% off + FREE SHIPPING!! Head on over to to see the new tee designs and take advantage of our Christmas special of 33% off to get your tee in time for Christmas.
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What’s in a Label?

We know you love to keep things clean and with our quality tees it's much the same. But we just wanted to share some tips on bets practices. Not only for keeping your freshly purchased tee as fresh as the day you bought it. But also how to do it in a more eco friendly way. You see the whole point of these tees is to aid and assist the precious eco system and to help you and the...
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To YOU Our Supporters

OUR URTH is a specialty brand created specifically to help raise funds and awareness for the plight of wildlife firstly in Sumatra. The brand is built and managed in Sumatra and provides for the community in the form of jobs as all the clothing is designed and created here in Sumatra. So by supporting OUR URTH you are not only helping to raise vital awareness for Sumatran wildlife but you are also supporting a community in need as well. Thank...
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