About Our Urth

OUR URTH is a specialty brand created specifically to help raise funds and awareness for the plight of wildlife firstly in Sumatra. The brand is built and managed in Sumatra and all the clothing is designed and created here in Sumatra. So by supporting OUR URTH you are not only helping to raise vital awareness for Sumatran wildlife but you are also supporting a community in need as well.

The Bona the Sumatran Elephant

crew_07The Bona tee is named so after the gorgeous girl Bona in the Bengkulu province of Sumatra. Bona has a special place in people’s hearts after she nearly lost her battle for life when orphaned and found alone in a palm oil plantation. She has since survived and now thrives as a naughty young elephant and this tee is fittingly named after her. Choose your options Bona Tees.

The Ralph the Orangutan

crew_06Ralph the orangutan came to my attention in a documentary named Green. The documentary cleverly communicates the issues the orangutans face through the capture and subsequent death of an orangutan on the island of Sumatra due to habitat destruction. I’ve affectionately named this tee “Ralph” after the orangutan that unfortunately lost its battle to survive. Proceeds from the sales of Ralph tees will go directly to NGO’s working to conserve the Orangutan. Choose your options Ralph Tees.

The Johnny the Sun Bear

crew_03The Johnny tee shirt is a special one. After seeing Johnny in a tiny cage trapped in the local government office in Bengkulu with no home for over two years I simply could not let this boy suffer. After an 18 month struggle he was finally released to bigger better home in west Sumatra. 100% of proceeds go towards building a new animal rehab and shelter in Bengkulu so no animals like Johnny needlessly suffer while waiting for a better home. Choose your options Johnny Tees.

The Darra the Sumatran Tiger

crew_04The Darra tee is in memory of a tiger that was brought into the government office in Bengkulu when found snared in a local village. Her injuries from he snare were too great and she eventually passed away after a short struggle to cling to life. This tee is named in her memory and proceeds will go to NGO’s working to save the Sumatran tiger. Choose your options Darra Tees.

The Tribal

crew_08The tribal tee is to show people that it’s not only animals that are in harms way of greedy companies wanting to take land and turn it into cash. This tee is to help with the humanitarian issues raised for tribes that cannot speak for themselves and cannot defend themselves against the might of corporations. Proceeds of this tee will go to humanitarian NGO’s working to solve these humanitarian issues. Choose your options Tribal Tees.


The Ricky the Rhino

crew_02Ricky the rhino tee is in name of all remaining rhinos in Sumatra. This critically endangered animals has been dwindled down to very few numbers and the organizations supporting this amazing animal need a lot of help to keep them from going extinct. Proceeds will go towards the rhino conservation center in Way Kambas. Choose your options Ricky Tees.


The Kid Geo Photog

crew_05The kid geo photog pack is in name of the next generation. A big part of the solution is teaching the next generation and telling stories through photography and videography to help raise awareness for the plight of wildlife around the world. The kid geo photog tee is aimed at kids who love wildlife and want to show the world how beautiful wildlife is. 100% of the proceeds will go towards a small school in Bengkulu for underprivileged kids who don’t have the opportunity to get the education they need. Apart from the learning the basic needs, kids will also be taught English and there will be photography field trips to teach kids how to show off this beautiful world we live through photography story telling. Some proceeds will also go towards the Berdiri freelance crowd funding project. Choose your options Kid Geo Tees.